Video Brings Every Parent's Dream Of Bubble-Wrapping Their Kids To Life

Video Brings Every Parent's Dream Of Bubble-Wrapping Their Kids To Life

The moment you become a parent, your mind starts to see the world as a minefield full of dangers that threaten to put your child in harm's way at every possible second. Therefore, you might feel a strong urge to wrap your child in bubble wrap or stick them in a big protective safety suit. This new short film "Safety Suit" brings that desire to life and adds an important message at the end.

In the video, a young boy excitedly opens his big birthday "present." His joy turns to gloom, however, when sees that the gift is actually a full-sized, inflatable bubble-covered safety suit that he must wear all day, every day. Life in the safety suit is sad and lonely, as fun childhood activities like climbing on a playground and running around with friends turn into everyday struggles. "Safety Suit" shows that this route is just not a practical way to keep your children safe.

So what is? That's where the video's message comes in, via text at the end: "You don't need to wrap your kids in cotton wool. Learn first aid for peace of mind." "Safety Suit" was created by St John Ambulance, a U.K.-based organization dedicated to providing first aid training, as part of their campaign to encourage parents to learn these life-saving skills.

According to the St John Ambulance website, "Our new research shows that almost all parents (98%) think that learning first aid is important, but in the last three years only 51% have done anything to actually learn these vital skills. We want to change this."

That's a change we can get behind!

Check out some photos of the little boy's life in the safety suit below.

Safety Suit Campaign

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