SAG-AFTRA Enlists the Undead in Fight to Slay Ballot Proposition

The zombies were out on the Boulevard yesterday, and not just on Santa Monica Blvd., their usual Halloween haunt. These creatures - a group of SAG-AFTRA members, staff and supporters made up to look well past their shelf lives - were out at mid-day on Wilshire Blvd., protesting Prop 32.

That's the California ballot proposition that would restrict the ability of unions and corporations to use deductions from employee wages in order to influence voters for or against any measure. Opponents call this apparent even-handedness deceptive, since companies don't fund their political advocacy by payroll deductions, whereas unions do.

"This proposition is such a lie," SAG-AFTRA co-president Roberta Reardon told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a well-funded campaign to silence working people."

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