SAG Awards 2012: Jon Cryer Talks Ashton Kutcher Vs. Charlie Sheen On 'Two And A Half Men' (VIDEO)

"Two And A Half Men" star Jon Cryer definitely feels a difference on set since Ashton Kutcher replaced the hit sitcom's former star Charlie Sheen.

On the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, he told E! that Kutcher is "great. He's a clown. He is up for anything, willing to do anything... a great, great spirit."

When E! host Giulianna Rancic asked if things felt differently on set in this post-Sheen era, Cryer -- who was nominated for his first SAG award -- took a bit of a jab at his former co-star. "It's a little less suspenseful being on the set nowadays," he said with a laugh. "When you come into work, you're pretty sure [Kutcher's] going to be there. And nobody's pushed his car off a cliff or anything like that"

As for Sheen, who is currently working on his FX series "Anger Management," Cryer said, "I haven't spoken with him though. I wish him well. He's got a good team around him and I can't imagine he's not going to put out a good show."