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Sailor Brinkley's Ralph Lauren Modeling Gig Is Pretty Perfect (PHOTOS)

In case you were inclined to not take the latest celeb kid-turned-model seriously, here's proof that Sailor Brinkley Cook is the real deal.

On Thursday, Christie Brinkley's teen daughter tweeted a teaser photo of what appears to be a Ralph Lauren campaign -- i.e. a very legit fashion gig. Sailor and her mom have shared a few more photos over the past weeks, which show the 15-year-old in slouchy tops, distressed denim and an adorably teen-appropriate beanie.

As far as fit goes, Sailor modeling for Ralph Lauren makes perfect sense given her model heritage. Christie always embodied that perky, healthy all-American look, one best complemented with a pair of jeans and long hair blowing in the wind. As her mother's doppelgänger, Sailor will be right at home in jeans, plaid and cowboy boots.

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It's in her genes...

Sailor Brinkley Cook, daughter of Christie Brinkley

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