More Than 250 Artists Reimagine A 'Sailor Moon' Episode, And It's Magic

Over 250 Artists Reimagine A 'Sailor Moon' Episode, And It's Magic

Japanese superheroine Sailor Moon is no stranger to major makeovers -- she and her Sailor Scout friends go back and forth between their secret identities several times per episode, after all. But the animated makeover above is on a whole other level.

More than 250 artists worked together to reanimate an entire Sailor Moon episode, shot for shot. Leading the charge was producer and illustrator Kate Sullivan.

"There's such an incredible range of styles from each artist... I'm still floored by the enthusiasm of participating animators and fans watching the project in progress," Sullivan said in an April interview.

The styles of the shots may vary, but they all perfectly capture the goofy superheroine that we grew to love in the '90s and has since been reborn in "Sailor Moon Crystal."

As the original series' English theme song suggested, there's only one Sailor Moon.

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