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You're Going To Really Have To Want To Get To St. Helena

If you're looking to get away -- and we mean really away -- from a fast-paced life, you probably should head on down to St. Helena. You may have heard of it thanks to 10th grade history when you learned that Napoleon was exiled there, but you may want to go to it now because there (supposedly) aren't any ATMs or businesses that take credit cards.

Did we mention that the island, which is a British territory in the South Atlantic, is only accessible by boat. It's not a self-proclaimed one of the most isolated islands in the world for nothin'.

Visitors arrive from Cape Town via a Royal Mail Ship called the RMS St Helena -- a journey that takes roughly 5 days to complete. Or head to the island between October and April via cruise ship. Don't like ships? A new airport should be ready by 2016 in the hopes of attracting more tourists.

saint helena island

Despite all the road blocks to get there, there are still beautiful cathedrals, old cemeteries and even Jonathan, who is regarded as the oldest tortoise in the world.

saint helena island

Make sure to also take the challenging trek up Jacob's Ladder, a 699-step staircase that runs from the capital of Jamestown up Ladder Hill. From the top, you can get some of the best views of the island.

saint helena island

Don't look down -- or with this view, DO.

See you on St. Helena!

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