Sal Leaving 'Mad Men': Bryan Batt Out Of Work

Don Draper unceremoniously fired Salvatore Romano when a spurned gay client tried to out him towards the end of last season, and now it looks we won't see any more of Sal as AMC has failed to renew Bryan Batt's contract for Season 4.

Creator Matthew Weiner told TV Guide that ousting Batt "was a tough moment for the show, but that's where we are. I know how people felt about Bryan. I obviously love working with him, and he has been an indelible character since the pilot. But I felt it was an expression of the times that he couldn't work there anymore. It's the ultimate case of sexual harassment."

Batt said that, despite his character's unemployability at Sterling Cooper, he didn't know he was being let go. "I was supposed to be notified by December 31, and nothing," he told the magazine. In the fall after Sal's firing he implored fans to start a Facebook group to keep him on. It doesn't look like they listened.

Meanwhile Betty Draper fans can rest assured that January Jones' contract was renewed despite rumors she was off to Reno for good.

WATCH Don fire Sal: