Salem Witch Sues 'World's Best-Known Warlock' For Harassment

The creator of Salem's Festival of the Dead is accused in a civil action of intimidating a pagan priestess.

A Salem witch in Massachusetts is suing a warlock, claiming he harassed her with late night phone calls and disparaging online comments over the course of three years.

Lori Sforza, who identifies as a witch priestess and operates under the business name Lori Bruno, is suing the self-proclaimed "world's best-known warlock" Christian Day, AP reports.

The 75-year-old woman claims 45-year-old Day from Louisiana called and swore at her from a private number and also posted malicious comments about her on social media.

Sforza's lawyer, Fiore Porreca, says his client lost customers at her witchcraft shop as a result of the harassment.

"She's being abused, intimidated and harassed," he told AP.

Day's lawyer declined to comment.

Warlock Christian Day poses in a graveyard.
Warlock Christian Day poses in a graveyard.

Sforza claims to be a psychic and a clairvoyant, and a descendant of witches that healed bubonic plague victims. She also leads a pagan church in Salem.

Day is credited as the creator of Salem's Festival of the Dead, which he started in 2003.

The witch and the warlock have worked together in the past, notably to try to heal Charlie Sheen after he called himself a "Vatican assassin warlock" on a national TV program.

The two are scheduled to meet in court today.

Salem is infamous as the home of the witch trials of 1692, when 19 accused witches were hanged and many others were imprisoned due to suspicions of practicing the old religion, according to Today the town is home to several witchcraft stores.