Sales Jobs at Top or Recession-Proof Jobs

I stated at the beginning of this year that sales jobs would be the place to be during this major economic contraction and recently Forbes looked to the online job site for a clear snapshot of the current job market. developed a list of recession-proof jobs by examining all the 1.2 million jobs it aggregates through its partner site and then determining the ones that were available in the greatest number. Sales jobs represent 4 of the top 7 most recession-proof jobs.

Unemployment rates continued to rise currently to the highest level since 1983. The already bad news is getting worse, the question is what do you do about it. The way to counter the gloom and doom is always to ask yourself a good question. If you are out of work it would be- what jobs do companies have to have?

While you may detest the idea of selling, learn to sell and you will never be without work and never without money no matter how bad the economy gets. The reason sales jobs are recession proof if because companies depend on sales for its revenue. Organizations depend on sales like human body depends on blood and companies alwaysneed sales people because they depend on revenue for their survival. Job hunters can find reasons to be optimistic if they are willing to go where the growth is. Those that know how to sell or willing to learn how to sell will always been in demand! Don't believe that sales people are born, that is a myth. Anyone that is motivated, likes people and willing to be trained can learn to sell and be successful at it! Anyone!

Assist in ringing the register and you are WANTED! Also selling can be a fun, ability to control your own schedule, unlimited income and lots of tax write offs.
Here are the top 7 jobs listed by Forbes:
1) Registered Nurse
2) Retail (store manager or retail associate)
3) UPS Driver
4) Financial advisor
5) Occupational Therapist
6) Sales
7) Customer Service

Also note that when you read the article below you may think that I miscounted how many jobs are sales position in the list. Just for the record number #4 is financial advisor, that is a sales person with a license to sell insurance products and recommend financial products to invest in!

That is probably why demand for our new online virtual sales training site is such a big hit right now. It allows organizations to train their sales people without the cost of travel or missing clients at their location on their schedule. Using virtual online technology we are now able to provide companies with very basic training to the most advanced sales training and motivation in real time for pennies per employee. The sales person or manager is even able to access hundreds of selling situations (problems) and find out in real time what I would do in a similar situation.

Call yourself what you will but nothing happens until someone sells something. During periods of major economic contractions all the titles in the world are stripped and companies cut back on anything and everything until they realize that the heartbeat and survival of the company is in selling its products and services. And companies are always willing to hire sales people.

For an exact breakdown of the job, description and income read the article below.