Sales - Nothing Happens Until You Capture Their Attention - Here's How to Get It

In this information clogged age we're living in, just getting onto someone's agenda can be a big challenge.

One of the most common things I get asked by Advisors is 'How can I get them to listen for just a few minutes?' 'How do I get them to call me back?' or 'How do I hold their attention when I'm making a presentation?'

Here's a question: How does someone get you to do these things?

Think about it. You're a busy Advisor. A busy person. I'm guessing you're a pretty tough customer, and it's not easy for someone selling something, to capture your time and attention.

When a sales professional contacts you, are you thinking of yourself as a Prospect? Probably not. You are a person. And the only way someone is going to get through your instinctive screening process is to treat you as a person first, and lead with something you care about.

So, to get their attention: forget about yourself and lead with something they care about.

This one shift will open more doors than anything else. Here are three ways to apply it:

Warm market. In this case, there is no excuse; you know these people already! You have a good sense of what matters to them. A common failing approach I hear: 'I know we've never talked business before, but...',

This approach sets you up to get the answer 'Thanks, but we're already working with someone'. Does the resistance sound familiar?

Instead, you can bypass that objection altogether by focusing on their priorities:

'John, you've been talking about getting out of the rat race in the next ten years. I've got some ideas of how we could cut that down to six. Why don't we sit down and talk about where you're at, and I can show you some strategies you may not be taking advantage of.'

Specific demographic. The more you can zero in on the concerns of a narrow constituency, the more compelling you can make your opening for them. Say you want to build your practice around professional working families and you know that one of their niche goals is to move into a bigger home.

If you were leaving a message you might start with:

'Hi John, this is Joanne from abc Company. Housing prices are set to jump another 7% this year and there are two critical things couples looking to trade up can do to come out on the right side of this. I'd like to book a 15-minute conversation with you to talk about where you're at and whether we'd be a fit to work together.'

Reverse the order. Advisors commonly make the mistake of talking about themselves and their company, first. They share details like 'we have xx$ under management'. Or start their presentation with a history of the company - this is literally the kiss of death for business deals. Nobody cares! Truly. If someone already really wants to do business with you, they will suffer through the history. If they're on the fence, you've lost them.

Instead, capture and hold their attention by leading with what they care about. You'll open far more doors and find prospecting to be much easier and more enjoyable.