Salina Turda Salt Mine Sounds Boring But Is Really An Amazing Attraction

A Totally Surprisingly Cool Attraction

Near pretty much nothing you've ever heard of sits the world's largest salt mine museum.

Ok, it might sound dreadfully boring when you hear it, but LOOK how cool this place is:

salina turda

salina turda

It's Christmas at the mine!
salina turda

Be sure to dress warmly though, because the mine averages a temperature of 50-55˚F with 80% humidity.
salina turda

The museum boasts three mines: Terezia, which is the deepest at about 393 feet, Anton (roughly 354 feet) and Rudolf (about 138 feet).
salina turda

salina turda

Salt is reflected in the lake.
salina turda

So next time you find yourself making your way to Transylvania, scoot on over to Turda to take in this totally bizarro but super magical site.

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