Salinger Trailer: Documentary Provides First Look (VIDEO)

WATCH: Salinger Documentary Trailer Leaves Questions Unanswered

The first trailer for the forthcoming documentary movie "Salinger," about the life of the famous recluse author, has appeared on Yahoo! Movies, and it looks intriguing. Backed by the Weinstein Company, the movie features John Cusack, Tom Wolfe and Martin Sheen among others talking about Catcher in the Rye and its creator.

It sells Salinger's life as one filled with pain and tragedy, and also seems to feature an actor dramatizing his writing process and breakdowns against a background of projections of his childhood.

Any new revelations are still being kept under wraps, while the bigger question that everyone has been asking since that iconic book first appeared in 1951: is there a missing followup manuscript somewhere in a vault?

The movie is listed on IMDB as appearing on September 6th, and being currently in post production. According to the cast list on that page, the author Elizabeth Frank is the only prominent female voice in the movie, which includes the thoughts of Judd Apatow, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Danny DeVito.

Check the trailer out above and let us know what you think in the comments!

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