Sallai Meridor Resigns From Post As Israeli Ambassador To Washington

The Israeli ambassador to Washington has resigned, according to the Jerusalem Post.

"Due to the sensitivity of the ambassador's post in the most important country in the world that is also Israel's greatest friend, it would be proper to allow the incoming government the option of appointing - at soon as it is established - its trusted man or woman to the post of ambassador in Washington," Meridor said in a statement.

In his outgoing statement he wished Israel's new prime minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu "much luck in coping with the challenges facing Israel."

Foreign Policy's the Cable reports that the resignation may be due to expectations the Obama and Netanyahu administrations will clash.

"The bigger story of Sallai resigning may portend that he wants to get out of the ship before the hurricane hits," said one Washington Middle East policy analyst informed of the news. "I think that these are two governments on a collision course."

"You have an American administration which for the first time in eight years wants to accelerate the peace process, while in Israel you have a new administration that wants to turn it around," he added. "That's a sure fire formula for collision."