Sally Quinn 'Appalled' By Howard Kurtz Column About Her Daughter-In-Law

Sally Quinn Hits Out At Howard Kurtz

Longtime Washington Post writer Sally Quinn said Tuesday that she was "appalled" by Howard Kurtz's recent column about her daughter-in-law, Pari Bradlee.

Kurtz caused a load of controversy with his piece on the Fox News website. For some unknown reason, he chose to write about a series of revealing photos that Bradlee put on her Facebook page. A Twitter backlash quickly ensued.

The column came just as Kurtz announced the details of his new Fox News media show, "MediaBuzz." It's just the latest scandal in the past few months for Kurtz, who was fired from The Daily Beast for a series of inaccurate stories.

Quinn, who is married to former Post editor Ben Bradlee and is the mother of Pari Bradlee's husband Quinn Bradlee, spoke to Media Matters about the column. She said she was "heartbroken," and asked why Kurtz, who worked at the Post for almost 30 years, would "want to hurt me and Ben and Quinn and Pari."

Read the full interview here.

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