Salma Hayek Shares Beautiful Tribute After Beloved Rescue Dog Lupe Dies

"I have no words or tears to describe how much she meant to me."

Salma Hayek paid heartfelt tribute to her beloved rescue dog, Lupe, who died at the age of 18 this week.

The Academy Award-nominated actress on Wednesday shared a throwback photograph on Instagram, showing her cuddling the pooch. “I have no words or tears to describe how much she meant to me,” she wrote in the caption.

Mexico-born Hayek said it was “with my heart filled with love and pain” that she “had to say goodbye to my Lupe,” who she rescued as a puppy from the streets of Mexico City.

She thanked the dog for enriching her life “with her great spirit.” She repeated the message in Spanish.

Lupe captured the American public’s imagination in April, when Hayek famously told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres how the dog once crashed a wedding at an upmarket Bahamas hotel ― and ended up chowing down on the bride and groom’s cake.

Rest in peace, Lupe.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story indicated Hayek has won an Academy Award. She has been nominated but hasn’t won.