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Salma Hayek Supports Madonna's Controversial Tour Style (PHOTOS)

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

We think that most people would agree that Salma Hayek definitely has no reason to feel sorry for herself when it comes to her looks. But, it turns out, the bombshell isn't as self-assured as one would think.

The "Savages" actress graces the cover of the November issue of Harper's Bazaar UK and reveals that she has room for improvement when compared to fellow stars. "The truth is, I just don't have the drive to be the prettiest and the thinnest. I can be happy for other people for their beauty," she told the magazine.

While we can't say we agree with Salma on this one, we were glad to hear that she's found her own way to stay grounded. We were a little surprised, however, to hear just who the 46-year-old looks up to in the fashion department. As the wife of PPR's CEO, she has access to plenty of stylish peers -- after all, part of the perks of being married to a French luxury conglomerate executive means sitting front row at Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. But Salma reveals that she actually covets Madonna's skimpy style:

"Do I envy Madonna's body? Yes. Do I thank God that she has it? Yes! If you're fifty-something and you look like Madonna, and you put a lifetime's work in the way you look, then flash it to the world!"

We're sure Madonna will be glad to hear a star leap to her defense since her controversial tour outfits have not exactly been crowd-pleasers. As for Salma's support of the 54-year old pop singer's look, we think the actress isn't so far from her idol as she thinks she is. Salma's definitely managed to turn it out on the red carpet and make more than a few women envious (present party included), so we think she has plenty of beauty inspiration to offer herself.

See some of Madonna's skimpy style from her recent controversial tour. Do you agree with Salma?

(NSFW) Madonna's Concert Looks

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