Salma Hayek Said Trump Planted A Story About Her In The National Enquirer After She Refused To Date Him

Stay classy, Trump.

Salma Hayek revealed that Donald Trump planted a story about her in the National Enquirer after she refused to go on a date with him many years ago, BuzzFeed first reported Friday

During an appearance on the “El Show del Mandril” radio show on Friday, the actress told the hosts that she believed all the women who’ve accused the Republican nominee of sexual assault, before sharing her own experience with Trump. 

“When I met that man, I had a boyfriend, and he tried to become his friend to get my home telephone number. He got my number and he would call me to invite me out,”  Hayek said

“When I told him I wouldn’t go out with him even if I didn’t have a boyfriend, he called — well, he wouldn’t say he called, but someone told the National Enquirer,” the actress said. 

Allegedly, Trump (or ― just playing along here ― whoever made the call) told the outlet that it was in fact he who wouldn’t go out with Hayek. And the reason why he “wouldn’t” date her? 

“It said that he wouldn’t go out with me because I was too short,” Hayek said. 

Despite his unfortunate attempts to woo the actress ― and ill-fated attempt to spread a ridiculous lie ― Trump still continued to call Hayek. 

“Later, he called and left me a message. ‘Can you believe this? Who would say this? I don’t want people to think this about you,’” the actress said. “He thought that I would try to go out with him so people wouldn’t think that’s why he wouldn’t go out with me.”

Listen to Hayek’s entire conversation about Trump here. 



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