Salon Editorial Staffers Unionize, With Site's Management Taking 'High Road'

Staff and management will now start working toward a first contract.

Staffers at have successfully joined the Writers Guild of America, East, with management at the news site voluntarily recognizing their employees' union.

Lowell Peterson, the union's executive director, said in a statement Saturday that the two sides have agreed to start working toward a contract.

"For twenty years Salon has been a bastion of progressive thought and action, and we are very pleased that Salon management has reaffirmed its commitment to take the high road, to recognize and respect its employees' right to organize," Peterson said.

News of the agreement was first reported Saturday by International Business Times.

The Huffington Post and other outlets reported Friday that the unionization process was not going as smoothly as many staffers had hoped. Management at Salon had objected to the bargaining unit proposed by the union, but that issue was apparently settled by Saturday.

According to Peterson's statement, all the editorial employees who originally wanted to be in the union will be included. 

Salon's editorial staff announced unanimously in early July that they intended to join WGAE, the same union that Gawker Media employees joined this year. The Gawker campaign was the first of its kind in web-only media, which, until this year, had been a union-free industry.

The unionization of Salon comes right on the heels of another successful union campaign at The Guardian. That site's U.S. employees joined the News Media Guild earlier this week.

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