Salon Success Starts with You

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Just the other day I was asked “Gina, what makes some Salon Professionals more successful than others?” This is an interesting question and one that cannot be answered in a simple manner. What I have found, through years of experience, is that nothing is black and white when it comes to being successful.

In my opinion, there are numerous factors that play into the success of a Salon Professional. Yes, talent certainly plays a role and increases your chances of success. However, there are also things that you can do to optimize your skills and accomplishments.

We are in an industry where styles, techniques, and technology change at a rapid pace. For this reason, it’s extremely important to remain current with your skills and focus on what lies ahead in the game. I recommend finding a niche, or a specialty, that you can offer your clients. This will set you apart from the rest. Basically, stay educated, especially in your area of specialty!

A lot of your success, believe it or not, will depend on you. Ask yourself this; are you really passionate about what you are doing? If so, great! If not, try to find what you are passionate about and go with it. Make up your mind to excel at it. After all, wouldn’t it be great to be known for being excellent at something that you love to do?

From my 25 plus years behind the chair, I can tell you that there is one absolute which is required for success and that is dependability. I cannot emphasize enough how key this is. Throughout my career, I have only worked in a handful of salons. When I selected to make a move to a new salon, it was never far from the salon that I had just departed from. While I realize sometimes situations arise that may force you to move, keep in mind, clients like the stability of knowing where you are at. Moving salons frequently may be a red flag for a client.

Discussing salons brings me to my next point. A good, clean, working environment is extremely important when it comes to being successful. Clients want to come in and know that the salon is sanitary. Contrary, a dirty, or even messy, environment can really turn a client off. So, stay on top of your workplace. Take time to throw a fresh coat of paint on your walls every once in a while. This is a good way to ensure your salon has a kept-up look.

A good attitude will also pay dividends when it comes to success. When you show excitement, people will be drawn to you. This results in your clients being more inclined to tell their friends about you. Remember, excitement draws excitement.

Never forget that we are in the industry of fashion. I think it’s very important that we represent ourselves this way professionally. This means dressing appropriately and preparing your hair so that you look like an industry professional. Remember, you never know who you might be inspiring when they come to see you.

And last, don’t forget the business side of things. Keep good records and stay organized with your client cards. Send thank you cards to your clients expressing appreciation. Even if you’re busy, always have room to be flexible with your clients and make sure that your time together is about them.

In essence, being successful is about going the extra mile, so get ready to run if being successful is your goal.