The Real Reason You Should Salt Your Chocolate Chip Cookies

So. Painfully. Delicious.

Straightforwardly chocolate is a stupendous flavor indeed. But salt? Add some salt and taste a certain je ne sais quois in almost any dessert.

There's actually a scientific explanation as to why the beautiful flavor amalgamation of salted chocolate is so great. Salt intensifies the body's ability to taste the sweetness the sugar. When sodium is present, sensors located in our intestines and on our tongue that normally don't alert to sugar process glucose as sweet. It's like a second sugar detector is being signaled that you're eating something sugary.

Most chocolate chip cookie recipes contain some amount of salt, but these babies have a dusting of fleur de sel on top, too. To ensure a delicate and tasty balance, follow the recipe from Steller's Ashley Roderiguez below.

More salty-sweet combinations to tingle your taste buds:

Salted Chocolate Bourbon Caramel On Peanut Butter Cheesecake Doughnuts

Salty Sweet Recipes We Love

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