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The voice of anger of the heirs of the Iranian Constitutional Movement has shaken the walls of oppression of tyrant rulers of the Islamic Republic. Now is the time to raise the flag of the Constitutional Movement over the peak of freedom in Iran, and raise the torch of freedom for the right of choosing one’s own destiny and the right to vote for a Constitutional Government.

Over a century ago, the Iranian nation came together in unity for the most prominent chapter in the history of Iran in an uprising for transfer of power to the nation, the formation of the National Assembly and the adoption of the first Parliamentary Constitution of Iran known as the Constitutional Revolution of Iran. After decades of achieving social, political, and technological progress through the "era of enlightenment and modernity", the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 and the framework of their constitution, all progress was shattered. The Islamic Republic Constitution literally delegates to the Supreme Leader the absolute power over every branch of the government and the lives of the citizens. Women have become second class citizens and only a certain class supporting the clergy are recognized to run for government offices. Now the Islamic Republic of Iran (“IRI”) is facing a serious impasse. In IRI’s 39-year existence, not only have political freedoms been suppressed, but social freedoms have also been crushed and all educational, cultural, environmental, and economic infrastructure of Iran have been eroded into oblivion.

Just as the Constitutional Revolution of 1911 was a turning point for Iran, today's critical conditions inside of the IRI are one of the most important passages and historic times for not only Iranians but the Free World. We must be cognizant of the current events to prevent embezzlers and thieves from hijacking this sensitive moment of Iran’s history when the nation is rising again to regain power and to give Iranian children a bright future.

The Iran National Council for Free Elections calls for the formation of a National Constitutional Assembly through free and fair elections for the formulation and adoption of a democratic constitution under supervision of impartial international organizations. Such elections would allow citizens of all political and intellectual tendencies to participate in a fair, non intimidating, and secure environment to introduce their views to people through the national media with equal opportunities.

In order to realize their national interest in universal values; namely, separation of religion from the government, establishment of equality for all, welfare and security of all citizens of Iran, protection of international interests of Iran and respect for international laws, observance of international human rights, establishment of a growth-oriented economy, transparency and sustainable democracy, Iranian people must be able to choose their preferred form of government based on recommendations of the National Constitutional Assembly by casting their vote in a National Referendum.

We must all hope for a free and prosperous Iran and pray for the triumph of free will over the perils of tyranny.

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