Salvador Dali Dream Sequence Appears In Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho-Thriller, 'Spellbound' (VIDEO)

Haven't yet heard of the Alfred Hitchcock psycho-thriller, "Spellbound"? Well, this interesting fact might give you reason to watch the 1945 Hollywood film: Salvador Dali created the movie's infamous dream sequence.

According to Open Culture, Dali produced over 20 minutes of surreal footage, but only a few minutes made it through the final cut. Filled with over-sized illustrations of eyes, impossible architectural structures and face-less individuals, the clip actually looks a lot like the artist's bizarre, reality-bending paintings.

In "Dalí, Surrealism and Cinema" by Elliott H. King, Mr. Peck's character, who goes by the initials JB, describes the eerie, black-and-white montage as follows:

“I can’t make out just what sort of a place it was. It seemed to be a gambling house, but there weren’t any walls, just a lot of curtains with eyes painted on them. A man was walking around with a large pair of scissors, cutting all the drapes in half. And then a girl came in with hardly anything on and started walking around the gambling room, kissing everybody.”

Sounds pretty Surrealist to us.

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