Sam Bee Presents Horrific Tales 'Coming From Inside The White House'

Truly horrifying, or horrifyingly true??

Do you have the courage to hear these horrifyingly true tales of the White House?

For Halloween, “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” has four terrifying stories that are sure to make your skin crawl! Especially if that skin isn’t white!

There’s the tale of the Supreme Court nominee struck down by a turtle-like beast from the Senate!

And the story of a little creature named Obamacare that tried to do good, but was repeatedly tortured by men hellbent on destroying it. 

There’s the tale of the house itself, known to make grown men vanish from its premises, never to be seen in public life again!

And finally, there’s this ghastly tale of a spooky enchanted podium that appears to make liars of all who stand behind it!

Sometimes reality is the most chilling!