Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows, Is Slightly Concerned About Everything (PHOTOS)

Maybe the catnip just isn't doing it any more -- or maybe he's worried Internet fame could be his ultimate downfall. Whatever the cause, this permanently-furrowed feline need not worry: He's too cute to fail.

Internet, meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows. Unsurprisingly, Sam's unique eyebrow-shaped markings have rocketed the kitty to viral fame overnight -- he now has more than 10,000 Instagram followers.

Per his Twitter account, Sam spends his days lounging in New York City. Reached for comment, the cat's owner told The Huffington Post that his story was "under wraps," likely pending the launch of a website in Sam's honor.

Lest you doubt the authenticity of Sam's markings, his owner provided a close-up photo of the eyebrows, viewable in the slideshow below.

Sorry, Grumpy cat, looks like eyebrows are the new frown.

(Photos used with permission, via Instagram.)

Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows