Sam Champion Discusses The Rivalry Between 'Good Morning America' And 'Today'

Want to hear some good news? Turns out, the "Good Morning America" co-hosts and the "Today" show co-hosts actually really like each other. In fact, they like each other so much that some of them even get drunk together.

Sam Champion, who left ABC News' "Good Morning America" in December to become a host and managing editor at the Weather Channel (partly owned by NBC Universal), opened up on HuffPost Live Wednesday about the supposed "rivalry" between the two competitive networks. In an attempt to breakdown the relationship between the two, Champion said that "Good Morning America" and the "Today" show are a lot like McDonald's and Burger King.

"The rivalry is very much a business rivalry," he said. "It's a little like, if you're serving up the fries at the McDonalds, you really aren't angry at the Burger King people"

Champion said that while the hosts may be competitive to "get a story," there is no hatred or rivalry between the anchors themselves.

"The people who do TV tend to be friendly with one another," Champion said. "We know each other, and we sometimes socialize together."

Champion revealed that he and "Today" show weatherman Al Roker have been very friendly in the past. He said they have "gone out and gotten loaded" while Champion was still with ABC News.



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