Sam Champion Shows Up On 'Today'

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Sam Champion made his first appearance on the "Today" show Thursday morning.

Champion left ABC News' "Good Morning America" in December after seven years to take on a new gig as host and managing editor at the Weather Channel, a network part owned by NBC Universal.

That would explain, then, why the new Weather Channel host's face popped up on Al Roker's screen during the Thursday morning weather forecast, and Champion walked onto the set to greet the "Today" co-hosts soon after.

Roker and Champion revealed that while they have known each other for 25 years, this would be their very first time working together. Champion called Roker his "first friend in New York."

"Al was talking about you last week when those temperatures dipped to 20 below 0 in the midwest, he said 'we should send Sam there." Lauer joked referring to the "polar vortex." "But apparently you hadn't started yet."

Champion added that he would be announcing the name of his show sometime in January.

Watch the video for the full segment on "Today."

(h/t: TV Newser)



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