Sam Donaldson: I Want To Ask Castro, Before He Dies, If He Killed Kennedy (VIDEO)

Asked to reflect upon the coming end of Fidel Castro's time and regime in Cuba, longtime ABC newsman Sam Donaldson had one last request: to be beside Castro's bedside to ask if he was responsible for John F. Kennedy's assassination.

"You mentioned the assassination," Donaldson, appearing on ABC's This Week on Sunday said in reference to early conversation about the shooting of JFK. "In his dying breath I'd like to be at [Castro's] bedside and say, did you do it? Meaning November 22, 1963."

A few co-panelists expressed playful shock with Donaldson's conspiratorial yarn.

"Oh, my goodness," said Peggy Noonan, sifting her fingers through her hair.

"Come on, Sam," added Cokie Roberts.

"Wait a moment," Donaldson responded. "I think it is still open."