Sam Eshaghoff, Emory University Student, Allegedly Took SAT For Other Students

Cheaters never prosper.

An Emory University student was charged Tuesday with standing in to take the SAT for six students at Long Island's Great Neck North High school. The six high school students face misdemeanor charges.

Sam Eshaghoff was allegedly paid between $1,500 and $2,000 dollars to take the SAT for other students. Prosecutors say he was using the funds to pay for his gym membership.

The AP has more:

Eshaghoff is a 19-year-old Great Neck North alumnus who now attends Emory University in Atlanta. He was facing arraignment on scheming to defraud, criminal impersonation and other charges. His attorney did not immediately return a call.

District Attorney Kathleen Rice says her office is investigating whether similar SAT scams occurred in at least two other high schools.

Cheating seems to be a continual scourge of the SAT. In 2002, 10 students at the prestigious Landon School in Washington D.C. were caught cheating on the college entrance exam.