What Happened When This Mom Breastfed Her Baby On Live TV

Reactions were certainly mixed.

UK reality star and author Sam Faiers attracted a lot of attention on social media this week after she breastfed her baby during a live television broadcast.

On Wednesday, Faiers nursed her nearly 10-month-old son Paul while discussing motherhood on ITV’s “This Morning.” A portion of the interview is available on YouTube.

Faiers had apparently been stuck in traffic on her way to the studio and didn’t have time to feed Paul before the segment was scheduled to begin. So she nursed him for a few minutes on camera.

Faiers used a nursing cover while breastfeeding her son, which host Phillip Schofield explained was her own choice.

“We’ve got to point out now, in case you think we’re saying ‘Let’s cover the baby up’ ― this is Sam’s choice ― your choice to do this,” he said.

Many viewers praised Faiers’ decision to breastfeed on live TV and tweeted positive messages about the new mom.

Others, however, tweeted negative responses to her breastfeeding.

And several viewers accused the mom of staging a “publicity stunt.”

Faiers has been very open about her breastfeeding journey on social media since she welcomed baby Paul in December..

Earlier this year, the famous mom posted breastfeeding photos on Snapchat and Instagram -- which sparked similar debates about nursing in public.

Me & my bubba ❤️

A photo posted by Sam Faiers (@samanthafaiers1) on

Ultimately, Faiers has made it clear she won’t let the naysayers affect her decision to breastfeed her baby wherever and whenever he needs it.

Two days ago, she posted a clip from her reality show, “The Mummy Diaries,” in which she nurses Paul during an interview.

“Breastfeeding on the job,” she says. “Baby needs feeding, I just feed him.”

Simple enough.

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