Sam Fox, RNC's Top Fundraiser, Resigns

Sam Fox, RNC's Top Fundraiser, Resigns

The Republican National Committee suffered another setback on Monday when one of its most successful and well-connected fundraisers announced he was stepping down from a board of directors position.

Former Ambassador Sam Fox, a co-chairman of the RNC's top-level fundraising board, the Republican Regents, recently decided to leave the position, Republican sources told Politico's Ben Smith.

According to Politico, Republican sources said that Fox was "deeply troubled by the pattern of self-inflicted wounds and missteps," and had "lost confidence" in Steele.

The departure of one of the RNC's top fundraisers comes on the heels of the news that RNC Chairman Michael Steele's selection for the position of special assistant for finance at the committee has had past problems with mismanaging funds.

Also worrisome for Steele and the GOP is the recent news that several former RNC officials are starting a new PAC, American Crossroads, that will likely compete with the RNC for donations.

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