Sam Gordon Wheaties Box: 9-Year-Old Girl Football Sensation Honored On 'Good Morning America' (VIDEO)

9-Year-Old Girl Football Phenom Gets Wheaties Box

In the weeks since her highlight reel went viral, football sensation Sam Gordon has taken the country by storm. In addition to appearing on national talk shows and practicing with her favorite NFL team, the 9-year-old girl has received the ultimate sports honor: her very own Wheaties box.

ABC's "Good Morning America" host Josh Elliott surprised Sam on Wednesday when he unveiled the iconic orange cereal box with her picture on it, making her the first female football player on a Wheaties box.

"That's awesome!" Sam exclaimed in front of a screaming crowd in Times Square.

Later that day, Sam visited SportsCenter and discussed what it's like to play tackle football with the boys.

"I wanted to prove girls can play [football]. It's not just a boys' sport," she told ESPN's Hannah Storm. "I don't think they tease me at all. I think sometimes they might get a little embarrassed, though."

Sam is quite comfortable embarrassing the boys, noting that her favorite part about playing tackle football as a girl is beating players who are bigger and stronger. That was on full display this past Sunday, when she showed off her skills on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay," juking Warren Sapp and tackling Marshall Faulk.

Despite her obvious football prowess, Sam said she'd like to return to soccer after two more years on the gridiron. The versatile athlete will fulfill yet another dream at the end of the month, with Abby Wambach flying her out to Phoenix to meet the U.S. National Team, Yahoo! reports.


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