Sam Klemke Goes 35 Years Back In Time (VIRAL VIDEO)

Going 35 Years Back In Time

You really can't tell how much you've changed over the years until you see it all in one place.

Sam Klemke, a 55-year-old caricature artist, edited the past 35 years of his life down to just 6 minutes in the video below, which has attracted over half a million viewers. It's hard to imagine what it's like to watch yourself age backwards.

Klemke's video time warp goes back to when he was just 20-year-old (and much more clean shaven). The transformation is incredible, as is the look at the changing world around him, from venues to clothes, over the course of three and a half decades.

The montage gets grainier and grainier as well, showing just how much video technology has improved over the years. Do you have enough footage of yourself to make a video like this?


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