Sam Nunberg Says He Complied With Subpoena After All, Wanted To ‘Do Something Memorable’

"I wasn't drunk," the former Trump campaign aide insisted.

Sam Nunberg, the former Trump campaign aide who went on a wild media spree earlier this week, now says that despite his earlier statements otherwise, he has complied with special counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena and will appear before a federal grand jury on Friday.

In an interview with WABC Radio’s Rita Cosby and Curtis Sliwa on Wednesday, Nunberg said he wanted to “do something memorable” and not be “some side note in history” when he told multiple media outlets Monday that he wouldn’t comply with Mueller’s subpoena and challenged the special counsel to arrest him.

He appeared to walk back those claims later on Monday, saying he’d likely cooperate with the investigation after all, and told The Washington Post on Tuesday that he’d changed his mind about ignoring the order.

Nunberg confirmed on Wednesday that he’d handed over all of the communications Mueller had requested, including emails and text messages with 10 campaign associates, and that he met a deadline imposed by the subpoena.

“I’m not holding anything back,” Nunberg told the radio station. He noted that Mueller’s request for the records, which he initially called ridiculous, “was much easier to do than I initially thought.”

The former aide also insisted that he “wasn’t drunk” during his media blitz. CNN’s Erin Burnett had remarked to Nunberg that she smelled alcohol on his breath during his appearance on the network.

Nunberg also defended the length of the interview with Burnett, saying that he if was “able to do a ... 35 minute interview drunk, I think that would be pretty historic.”

The former aide is now expected to appear before a grand jury on Friday, saying he was “happy to go” and would answer any questions.

“I’m not going to take the fifth on anything, because I don’t need to take the fifth on anything,” Nunberg said. “I’m not going to give them the excuse to throw me into jail because I won’t respond to a question ... I’m going to answer every single question.”

Nunberg also clarified his prior claim that he thought Mueller may have uncovered illegal activity by the president, saying that he believed there was “probably not” any truth to that statement.