Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Nutty Sam Smith-Adele Conspiracy Theory

"I think they are the same person!" 🤔🤔🤔

Rumour has it that the British singers Adele and Sam Smith could be the same person, according to a nutty conspiracy theory that began circulating online this week.

Twitter user Jesse Valona set the social media platform alight Monday when he shared this video of Adele’s 2015 hit “Hello” being played at a slower speed.

“Did you know that when you slow down Adele it’s actually Sam Smith,” the 17-year-old asked.

“I forget the exact action of the realization,” Valona told HuffPost on Friday. “But both Sam Smith and Adele were played on my speakers at some point that day. Then when I slowed it down, I just knew it sounded very elegant, like Sam Smith’s voice, and decided to share it with the world.”

He shared this clip of Adele’s “Million Years Ago” as further evidence:

The musical resemblance sent other people on Twitter into a mini-meltdown, with many posing the same question:

Others simply marveled at the coincidence:

Twitter user @Mubzy added further fuel to the theory with this post:

Indeed, a Google Image search of the terms “Adele” and “Sam Smith” throws up no images of the pair together, in the same place at the same time.

Adele and Smith appear to have only been in contact publicly over Twitter once, back in 2013:

Not everyone was convinced, however, and some tweeters called for further investigation:

Which is what one person did:

And sadly, speeding up a Sam Smith song did not make it sound like an Adele track. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted ...

This article has been updated to include Valona’s comment.

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