Sam Smith + Cats = Raw Emotion

It happens every morning: you grab your keys, you grab your bag, and you give a perfunctory "See you later!" before you head out the door. You leave as if you two just didn't have a night of wild, abandoned cuddling.

And now, your heartbroken feline sits alone.


Faced with hours of mind-numbing daytime TV ahead of them where they can only dream of being the next contestant to "come on down," they wait. For you. There's been so many times they wanted to tell you how they really felt, where the words were on the tip of their whiskers but they just couldn't voice the pain.

That is, until now. Because now they have Sam Smith!

Thanks to the dulcet tones of everyone's favorite Brit and the soul-crushing stares of my friend's cats, you can feel what it's like to have your heart ripped out of your chest and then marinated in nun's tears while wrapped in the blanket of a child's laugh.

That's the power of Sam Smith. And cats.

Video courtesy of the author. All photos used with permission.