Sam Smith Getting Scared On 'Ellen' Will Leave You In Stitches

The British pop singer was scared not once, but twice, after talking about his "good relationship" with ghosts.

If the writing was on the wall, Sam Smith totally missed it.

The British pop singer was nearly scared out of skin during a hilarious appearance on “Ellen” on Tuesday during which he was frightened not once, but twice, by two heart-stopping spooks.

The “I’m Not The Only One” singer was discussing how he lives in a haunted 300-year-old home, but has “a good relationship with the ghosts,” when a lone phantom snuck up behind him, giving him a fright.

After collecting himself, he confessed that he thought he’d be surprised by something jumping out of a large box to his left.

Ellen, ever the trickster, chucked and assured him “no,” just before a person dressed like a sinister granny pounced out of the container, sending Sam collapsing in fright once again.

“Oh my God, my heart,” he ached. “I’m not singing again.”

Check out the hilarious clip above and read more about his interview here.