Sam Smith Says He's 'Friends Finally' With His Body In Sexy Instagram Selfies

The "Stay With Me" singer urged fans to "do the bloat dance" along with a video of him dancing in white briefs.

Sam Smith continued his body positivity mission this week with a series of stripped-down Instagram posts. 

On Monday, the four-time Grammy winner posted a “bloated and gross” photo of himself posing shirtless before a mirror. The image, he wrote, was indicative of the fact that he was finally “friends” with his body. 

He offered similar sentiments with photos and videos on Instagram’s story feature, dancing to Camila Cabello’s “OMG” and Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” in a pair of white briefs, encouraging fans to “do the bloat dance.” 

Smith’s series of sexy images began in February when he posted a shirtless image of himself on the beach in an effort to “fight the fuck back” against his lifelong struggle with self-image. 

“In the past if I have ever done a photoshoot with so much as a T-shirt on, I have starved myself for weeks in advance and then picked and prodded at every picture and then normally taken the picture down,” he wrote in a caption accompanying the photo, taken by Ryan Pfluger. He then vowed to “stop trying to change this chest and these hips and these curves that my mum and dad made and love so unconditionally.”

The singer-songwriter delved further into his body positivity journey as the inaugural guest on “I Weigh” movement founder Jameela Jamil’s Instagram interview series in March. 

He told Jamil that he identifies as genderqueer and nonbinary, and revealed he’d been bullied for “having breasts” as a child and underwent liposuction at age 12. 

“At the time, I think I was very happy about it,” he said. “It didn’t really change anything. I think I put the weight back on in two weeks because I hadn’t figured out my relationship with food, so it didn’t really change anything. But being 12 years old and having liposuction on your chest is quite a big deal.”