Sam Sodje Hits Jose Baxter Twice In Groin During Portsmouth-Oldham Match (VIDEO)

Sam Sodje of Portsmouth was a sore loser. Jose Baxter of Oldham was probably a sore winner.

Sodje punched Baxter twice in the groin after Baxter scored the only goal earlier in a 1-0 Oldham victory Saturday in English League One soccer, the Sun reported.

The low blows earned Sodje a red card and left his teammates one player short for most of the second half, Metro wrote.

Below-the-belt gamesmanship is nothing new to the pitch. In a notorious incident in 1987, Vinnie Jones of Wimbledon grabbed Newcastle United's Paul Gascoigne by the testicles.

There's also the occasional plunk to the junk by a full-force kick.

Let us all double over and say, "OWWWW!"