Sam Stein Discusses Obama, Paralyzed Congress On Morning Joe (VIDEO)

Huffington Post political reporter Sam Stein co-hosted MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today. During a segment with Bob Woodward, Stein asked the Washington Post reporter what President Obama can do to advance his agenda with Congress in such an extreme state of paralysis. Woodward hinted that the President needed to take a stronger role, saying Obama needs to "take the watch apart" and say, "look, I've got this problem, this problem and this is what we're going to do."

Woodward then pivoted to how terrorism can be a game-changer, and related a curious piece of information, that Mutallab, the Christmas Day bomber, "has a phobia -- he doesn't like Supermax [prison]. He doesn't like being locked up 23 hours a day. In fact he's so horrified by it, he's cooperating fully."

Presumably anyone would be horrified at being locked up 23 hours a day, but apparently Mutallab is so terrified of it that he is going to give up all the information he has. Woodward said that the Obama administration, amidst all the controversy over how to interrogate Mutallab, got "lucky."

WATCH: (More clips below).

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