Sam (The American Eagle) Donaldson

Sam (The American Eagle) Donaldson


Last week, HuffPo contributor John Neffinger pointed out that presidential candidate Chris Dodd looked a little like Sam the American Eagle from "The Muppets." On Sunday's "Reliable Sources," however, we couldn't help but notice that Sam Donaldson gave Dodd a run for his money. Agree? Disagree? Which bushy-browed famous face most resembles that lovable, or at least grudgingly tolerant, puppet? And what's all this about Miss Piggy showing her cleavage, anyway? For shame. There are children watching, for God's sake!


Sam The Eagle
Sam The Eagle [Muppet Wiki]

Oh, Wikipedia, we knew you wouldn't let us down. Not like that stuffy old password-protected, word-limited, uneditable Encyclopedia Brittanica!

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