Sam Zell's Birthday Bash Pictures

Tribune Company CEO Sam Zell threw himself a birthday bash Saturday, with over 800 guests bused to a "tented fantasyland" on Halsted and Archer and nostalgia rockers The Eagles providing the entertainment.

From the Philadelphia City Paper, which obtained photos of the party:

Just your average Sam Zell birthday party. . . . That is, if you consider around 800 people bused to an undisclosed location, around 15,000 square foot of space under a big-top circus tent, performance artists, actors dressed as animals, a parade of sculpted bronze circus animals, a large carousel, bearded ladies, illuminated photo-montages, stilt-walkers, six or seven bars serving top shelf liquor, food for miles, and a live performance from the '80s band, The Eagles.... to be average.

Bearded Ladies

Sam and wife, Helen, Zell

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