Samantha Bee Really Cares About Your 'Dainty White Feelings'

Cut-for-time segment is colorful, to say the least.

 A recent cry of reverse racism from former “American Idol” contestant Bo Bice inspired Samantha Bee to address white people who “feel their concerns have been ignored.”

In a sharp segment cut for time from Wednesday’s “Full Frontal,” the host went after Bice, who accused a Popeyes worker of discrimination. He complained in a now-deleted Facebook post that she called him a “white boy,” as in, “He’s already got his [order], that white boy over there.”

“Wait, that’s it?” Bee said. “They didn’t deny you service or dump food on your head like it was a lunch counter sit-in?”

Bice may now be the poster boy for so-called “white fragility,” or, as Bee put it, “playing the victim card yourself the moment your dainty white feelings are disrespected in the slightest.”