Smoldering Clinton-Kaine Campaign Poster Stokes Up Election Heat

"Taste the danger."

It’s the dreamy ticket.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine have been given a smoldering makeover in a spoof campaign poster going viral online.

The team at “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” unleashed the sultry Calvin Klein-style photoshopped advert, which appears to feature the open-shirted Virginia senator apparently giving Clinton a piggyback on a beach Friday.

Taste the danger,” the image is captioned above the words “Clinton Kaine.”  “Between love and madness… lies pragmatism,” the tweet itself reads.

Next stop is surely a fully blown CK-inspired commercial, like the one below?

Bee’s team also came up with a bunch of slogans that the #ClintonKaine2016 campaign may want to use in the run up to November’s election. 

Check out some of the best here: