Samantha Bee Picks Apart Donald Trump's 'Dystopian' Inauguration

"It was surreal, and frankly not very funny."

President Donald Trump’s inauguration may seem like a lifetime ago. But Samantha Bee couldn’t resist taking aim at the “surreal and frankly not very funny” event during her first “Full Frontal” broadcast under the new administration.

“Oh yeah, it really happened,” she said on Wednesday’s show. “The world watched America swear in as its 45th president the concept of white male mediocrity.”

Bee broke down Trump’s “morning in dystopia” speech before insisting that the new POTUS was not in fact like Nazi Germany’s brutal dictator Adolf Hitler. However, she described White House chief strategist Steve Bannon as a “Goldman Sachs worm tongue” who is filling Trump’s mouth “with more Nazi code than Enigma.”

On Trump’s similarly “surreal” but also “fucking hilarious” welcome concert, Bee likened it to his cabinet: Male, overwhelmingly white and devoid of any A-list talent.

Check out the full segment above.