Sam Bee Dissects The Scary Effect Scaramucci Is Already Having On Trump

"Since 'The Mooch' took over on Friday, Trump has been expressing his personal truth all over everyone."

Anthony Scaramucci has only been serving as President Donald Trump’s communications director since Friday.

But according to Samantha Bee, the former hedge fund executive ― aka “The Mooch” ― is already having a major influence over the behavior of his new boss.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal,” Bee dissected just how Trump had changed since Scaramucci’s appointment. It boiled down to the president now being more willing to express “his personal truth all over everyone.”

That included his rambling speech to 40,000 youngsters at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday, said Bee, and his sudden banning Wednesday of transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces.

“Firing thousands of active duty service members in the middle of the big push against ISIS was Trump’s version of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’” said Bee.

“He didn’t ask anyone if it was a good idea and he didn’t tell anyone he was going to do it. But that is how we roll now,” she added.

Check out the full segment above.