Samantha Bee Rips Donald 'Clubber Lang' Trump's Transition

“You thought there were rules? Psych!"

Samantha Bee didn’t hold back when it came to analyzing Donald Trump’s transition.

The “Full Frontal” host said the president-elect’s conduct over the past three weeks had left her feeling like Rocky during his first fight with Clubber Lang.

“And Clubber Lang’s not even president yet,” she said.

Since his election victory, Bee said Trump had been busy “skipping security briefings, imperiling U.S. relations with China and India, threatening a private manufacturer, draining the swamp directly into his cabinet, declaring open war on the press and celebrating take your daughter to work day with foreign leaders.”

“You thought there were rules?” asked Bee. “Psych!”

She later asserted that America’s institutions were “only as strong as the norms we all agree to live by, norms that suddenly seem as flimsy as the Scotch Tape holding Trump’s tie together.”

Check it out in the clip above.