Samantha Bee Exposes Just How Terrifying Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are

No medical credentials, no problem!

PSA: Crisis pregnancy centers are not the same as women's health clinics. Allow Samantha Bee to break it down for you.

On Monday night's episode of "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee," the late-night host looked at the insidiousness of crisis pregnancy centers.

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are faith-based organizations that claim to offer advice and support to pregnant women, but in practice present themselves in ways that mislead women into thinking they are abortion clinics. Women who come in are then discourages from having abortions, and are even given false medical information -- often by staff who do not have any sort of medical license.

In the sketch, president and CEO of the National Abortion Foundation Vicki Saporta explains how crisis pregnancy centers spread lies about abortion and women's bodies. Another woman, Cherisse Scott, explains her personal experience as a victim of a crisis pregnancy center:

"The nurse told me that if I had an abortion, my uterus would be perforated and I would not be able to have children. I ultimately decided to go ahead and have the baby because I didn’t want to chance not ever being able to have a baby."

With the comedic help of Patton Oswalt as a magician and Sam Bee as a fake CPC doctor, the sketch is a horrifying look at the damage crisis pregnancy centers do to women on a daily basis.

The sketch draws attention to the lies CPCs tell women about their bodies and about what abortion actually entails. As Saporta says in the video, many CPCs tell women they won't be able to have children after they've had an abortion or that their risk of breast cancer will increase if they have the procedure. Saporta added that these fake clinics often make women wait for hours to get the results of pregnancy tests in order to make them listen to religious sermons and other propaganda.

And according to Saporta, while there are twice as many fake clinics as there are legitimate abortion providers in the U.S, “most of these fake clinics do not have licensed medical staff."

This all sounds pretty insane, But shockingly, what CPCs do is apparently totally legal! God bless America.

As Oswalt The Magician sums up at the end of the sketch:

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