"When Democrats start calling for the execution of gays and Muslims... I will hit them just as hard."

Samantha Bee really doesn't care for certain members of the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) fan club.

The "Full Frontal" host took down the Republican presidential candidate's appalling choice of pals in a clip posted to YouTube late Monday.

"We are off this week reading all your angry tweets about how we're off this week, but we've made you a present — Ted Cruz," she said.

Cruz has been enjoying a surge of popularity with "literally several people saying they'll guess they'll vote for him if they have to." Bee then introduced several men of faith who support Cruz. One example: Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson, who appears in a video clip declaring "Homosexuals are worthy of death!"

"Wow," Bee said. "For a guy who hates gay people, Swanson's got some fabulous dance moves." Check them out for yourself:

Other Cruz fans included the Rev. Flip Benham, who was once caught on camera confronting worshippers outside a mosque and screaming, "Jesus hates Muslims!" and pastor Mike Bickle, a person known for his sickening, anti-Semitic comments.

"And by the way, when Democrats start calling for the execution of gays and Muslims, I promise I will hit them just as hard," Bee said.

Check it out in the clip above.

"Full Frontal with Samantha Bee"​ returns to TBS on April 11.

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