Samantha Bee Says A Sad Goodbye To Ted Cruz, The Man She Loves To Hate

"I think you know what that man meant to 'Full Frontal.'"

Samantha Bee bid adieu to Ted Cruz's presidential campaign on Monday night.

The "Full Frontal" host dedicated a large chunk of her show to reminiscing about the good times she had poking fun at the Republican senator from Texas, who officially quit the race for The White House last Tuesday.

"We were all blindsided by Ted Cruz suspending his campaign, no one more than me. I think you know what that man meant to 'Full Frontal,'" said Bee.

A montage of her finest quips about the man she dubbed the "fundamentalist swamp Reagan" followed. Bee then mourned the fact that she couldn't use up some of the other phrases she'd coined to describe him, such as a "Husky Romulan" or "Human 'Twilight Zone' music." 

Check it out in the clip above.