Samantha Bee Tells Hope Hicks Exactly What She Thinks Of Her: 'F**k You'

"You helped burn down democracy, b***h."

Samantha Bee delivered a blistering message to outgoing White House communications director Hope Hicks on Wednesday’s “Full Frontal.”

“I cannot let another week go by without saying, ‘Fuck you, Hope Hicks,’” Bee began.

The late-night host said she’d “never talked much about Hope,” who quit her job in February, because “unlike every other member of the Trump orbit she doesn’t careen onto our television screens lobbing lies and racial invective every damn day.”

“But that doesn’t mean she should get a pass,” Bee added, before imagining how St. Peter would welcome Hicks at the gates of “nice white Protestant heaven: “You think you’re getting in here? You helped burned down democracy, bitch.”

Check out the full segment above.